Friday, June 5, 2015

It May Be 2 am

It may be almost 2 am on a Friday morning. I may be wide awake at 2 am on this Friday morning. I regret taking a nap yesterday. I cannot get myself to sleep! So here I am... blogging. The past couple of days have been a blur. I went hiking with Lara to Rose Canyon in La Jolla. It was an easy hike. I was hoping for a challenging hike. But it was new, and I did not want to go to the Mushroom caves again. Lara has not hiked to the caves yet.

Little rant:

I felt a little green monster inside of me earlier when I realized ONCE AGAIN that I still do not get along with this one person. It bothers so much that I cannot be his friend, but apparently everyone else can. He is also a lot nicer to everyone else but me and it angers me. I am happy that he is at least nice to my friend. He does not need another person to feel uncomfortable around him. It pains me to come to this feeling. I used to trust this person. But now I see his ugly side and I am not so sure how to fix all of this. Whenever I talk to him, I feel like I am drowning. There is no way out. I am the happiest when I do not talk to him. I hate to admit that. The fact that I feel such strong dislike towards a person is beyond what I thought I am capable of feeling. I feel bad, until I remember all the horrible feelings from last month.

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